A Business Woman's Rebirth
19 Plucking Stars
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A Business Woman's Rebirth
Author :Kyrios16
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19 Plucking Stars

After that brief chat at the dining table, Lei Ju invited Li Qing to watch a movie, of course they weren't going out, instead, she wanted to watch a movie and wanted Li Qing to watch with her. Thus, Li Qing joined Lei Ju, but Lei Ju fell asleep halfway while Li Qing finished it on her own. Sending Lei Ju to bed after the movie, Li Qing went to bed herself.

As the moon rose higher and higher in the sky, shining like a beacon, all was quiet, everyone was asleep, well, almost everyone. Li Qing, being one of the odd ones who wasn't asleep had her eyes open, staring at the ceiling aimlessly in the dark. Moments ticked by when she quietly got up and went to the kitchen, which only had a lava lavender lamp to light up the darkness. She quickly made some ginger tea and with cup in hand, she strolled to the draperies which acted as a shield against the light of the moon. Stretching out a delicate hand, she caressed the material of the curtain and gently pulled it aside, allowing light to spill inside of the dark room through the glass doors. The balcony was laid out behind these see through doors, and it seemed that this is where Li Qing was heading and she unlocked the doors, making as little noise as possible, and went outside. She allowed the cold wind to engulf her as she stepped outside on the wooden planks with her bare feet. Li Qing made herself comfortable on the only rocking chair and viewed the scenery, well, not just the scenery, but the moon and stars.

As one who was always in darkness, Li Qing as Zhen Qing had wished to see the sun and moon, yet, her dream was like wanting to pluck the stars from the sky, impossible. It is interesting that those who are unable to feel the heat from the sun and see the glory of the moon will always wish till death to appreciate them, yet, for those who have always felt the heat of the sun kiss their skin, they complain it is too hot, and those who witness the moon reflecting the sun's light, they don't see it as such an incredible thing that they ignore it until a phenomenon occurs. However, Li Qing has come to appreciate nature very much and all of the things that she missed when she was locked up by her sister and husband.

Calmly, she sipped her tea and admired the moon and its companions for the first time since becoming Li Qing. At the hospital, of course she saw the moon and watched the Ray's of light on the buildings during the day , however, she was never alone to fully enjoy the sight as Lei Ju was there and Li Qing felt that her guard might lower as this was something sacred to her. To Li Qing, her wish had come true; she was able see the sky and all that is in it, whether it was day time or night time. Plucking stars from the sky didn't seem as impossible anymore!

Savoring the setting, engraving her first actual night of feeling as free as a bird, Li Qing finished her tea, then after a few minutes, she returned everything to how she had met them and went to bed. The ceiling became the target of her stare once again, but this time her gaze wasn't aimless, instead, there was a new found vigour. A small smile graced her lips as she closed her eyes and with that she went into a light sleep. Certainly, wishes do come true!
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    《A Business Woman's Rebirth》