A God's Journey to the Top
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A God's Journey to the Top
Author :phanthera
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"Grandpa, father, you summoned me?"

The voice of a youth resounded in the vast hall. The youth was handsome, perfect looks and physics. But, a playful smile always hang on that face of his. He is Lei Yun.

In the hall, two men were stand in next to each other at the side of which seem a black hole in the middle of the hall. They are grandpa Lei Longwei and Lei Wei, the father of Lei Yun.

"Grandpa, what is this summon for?" Lei Yun always had apprehension against this grandpa of his. Every time he is summoned , he will be scolded.

"I never did anything wrong. I just told her that she is beautiful, then she started following and clinging on me." He explained.

"That's not it." His father, Lei Wei, said while walking behind him.

"Then, what is it?"

"You are going to the human world." Lei Longwei said.

"Huma- aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" The unfinished word of Lei Yun before Lei Wei pushed him in to the black hole.


The door to the hall was slammed open followed by an enraged woman. Liu Changying, the mother of Lei Yun.

"Where is that bastard son of yours?" She asked.

"Why?" Asked both men with furrowed brows.

"He took the nine dragon spirits. Tell me where he is now!" She said between grinded teeth.

Both men look at each other then towards the black hole.

As if understanding what they meant, Liu Changying said with a weird smile towards Lei Wei, "So, you sent him eh. Then you will never be a half step in my chamber until he is back!"

Lei Wei was having a dilemma. Not sleeping with your wife at least of thousands of years. What notion is that? How am I to suppress your urge?

'Lei Yun, be quick.' Lei Wei shout in his thought.

Lei Yun was sent to the human world for one purpose, to dominate the humans again and remind them that there are Gods. As for why it is Lei Yun? It was also a punishment for being so naughty and troublemaker. The World may cry but he will never lack trouble. Kissing the girls from other God Clans, stealing precious materials from other people, and sometimes storage rings.

The only thing that makes him unique is that he never have the same power as his Clan does. Lei Clan are the God of thunder while Lei Yun never used thunder since before and only journey is what he always wanted but never granted. That is the reason his father chose him to go.

He never cultivated for he never had the ability to cultivate. In simple, he can never cultivate. Lei Yun doesn't have a Gen which is the first requirement to cultivate. Gen is what people need to posses in order to connect with the Heaven and Earth to gain Source Power. As Source Energy, it is the energy used by cultivators to fuel their attacks and defend against attacks. Maybe this is his chance to have a miraculous encounter to be able to cultivate.


'Fuck! It hurts! I will get him for this! Luckily, I was prepared for this.' He cursed and thought to his heart.

He checked his surroundings. Tall, sturdy trees, the least ten meters high. It is blocking the sunlight. Before coming here he heard his father and grandpa talking about him sending here. So, he prepared everything he might need. Money, clothes, pills, and stole his family's beloved treasure, the Nine Dragon Spirits.

'I'm in a forest eh.' He thought.

'Stats.' He thought.

[Lei Yun

Cultivation: None

Profession(s): Pill Master/Blacksmith]

This what he rely to be stronger, a system. It's my chance to get stronger. It is not that he can't cultivate, it is just that he doesn't had the chance. He can't cultivate by normal means the same as the methods given by his father. He knew he can only grow strong by killing. He knew of it only when sneak out of God City. He killed a demonic monster while almost dying on the process. It was the time the system awakened. It was also the reason he was let o a journey.

What to do now? He took out the Nine Dragon Spirits. Nine Dragon Spirits is not a treasure but spirits of nine dragons of different elements.


'Bind of course.'

[Ding__________Binding success.]

[Nine Dragon Spirits. Spirit treasure.]

Now, let me see what you can do. He summoned the nine dragons and took a look at them. He mused for a moment before deciding on what to do. He ordered the fire dragon to burn a tree.



The tree was burnt to ashes in a mere second.

'Hmm. So I can use it to attack. Let's see.' He thought while looking at his surroundings. There he saw a demonic wolf. With a thought, the fire dragon sent out fire balls on the wolf, turning it to cinders.

[Ding__________Killed a Demonic Wolf.]

[Ding__________+10 Points.]

'So, it is possible to gain points by making them attack.' He mused happily.

He used the earth dragon to create a cave for shelter, used the wood dragon to intertwine vines for bed also for dragging some high level monster and finding herbs and fruits. fire dragon to to burn a small fire in the cave. After that, he made the roam and kill monsters while he sleep in his cave, comfortably.

If his mother or anyone from God World were to know what he made do to those dragons, they would likely strangle him. Dragons are below only to the Pure Gods, they are at the Mythical God level, and the nine dragons have already reach the Pure God level before their spirit are taken.


[ Ding__________killed.....]

[ Ding__________+.....]

[ Ding__________killed.....]

[ Ding__________+.....]


For the next few weeks, other that sleeping and eating, Lei Yun did nothing.

[Lei Yun

Cultivation: Source Foundation Level 7

Profession(s): Pill master/Blacksmith]

'It's time to leave this place.' Decided Lei Yun. He then picked up himself and called for the wind dragon to give him a ride.

The dragons are serpentine dragons. Its back are more than a meter wide while having a length of body in 20 meters. Because of being spirits, even being not at their peak power they still could fly which made Lei Yun more than happy.

Months passed. During the journey, Lei Yun only slept at the back of the wind dragon while the other eight continued on their slaughter below. On this day, He saw a city at least 100 miles in wide. Lei Yun got off the end dragon 100 kilometers from the city. Keeping the Nine Dragons, he sprinted to the city. With his current strength, monster near the city are puny.

[Lei Yun

Cultivation: Source Condensation level 9

Profession(s): Pill Master/Blacksmith]

It took him almost a day of running towards the city. When he reach it, he could see the high wall of the city which seems 10 meters high. He then walked towards towards the city gate.

"Halt! Show me your verification." A city guard which is guarding the gate stopped him.

"Verification?" Lei Yun repeated.


"I don't have one. Is it necessary?" He muttered to the guard.

"Yes," the guard nodded before continuing, "If you don't have one, go to the verification office at the right side after you enter the gate. You just new to pay an amount. Just so you wouldn't be caught and imprisoned. Go on."

"Thank you." He said to the guard and proceeded as per the guard's words.

There is an office with 100 square meter. He went in and only found a middle-age man sitting with back facing him, seemingly busy. He turned around and looked at Lei Yun, saying, "Put your hands on the inscription tablet for your identity." while pointing at a table in the corner.

Lei Yum did so as the middle-age man said. A screen appeared requiring information pertaining details about Lei Yun. His name, age, and occupation.

"What's your name? Age? Occupation?" The middle age man asked.

"Lei Yun. 15. Merchant." He plainly replied.

"What are your trade?"

"Pills." Lei Yun calmly said.

"Then, where is your bag?" The middle-age man asked suspiciously.

"I don't have bag. A storage ring does." Replied Lei Yun with a smile.

The middle-age man did not ask more. Having a storage ring alone proves that one came from a wealthy family or clan. The middle-age man then handed Lei Yun a scroll.

"Here is your verification paper. Do not lose it or your pay a fine of 100 gold coins, if you can't, imprisonment. 10 silver for this." The man reminded and asked for payment.

Lei Yun handed him the silvers and walked out. He went to find an inn to stay for the night. He came to a place, Heaven Inn. He neared to the woman receptionist then.

"A vacant room?" Lei Yun said with a smile.

The woman looked up and was shocked of how had some he is. She then smiled amiably and said, "There is only a High class room left and nothing more sir."

"You seem to be full these days." Lei Yun mused.

"It is due to the Heaven Flame Sect entrance exam sir which is on the next month. Our Blue Blaze City is under the rule of Heaven Flame Sect." The woman introduced.

"I'll take it. How much?" Lei Yun asked not bothering anymore. He will look to it later.

"10 golds a night and a discount of 275 golds a month."

"I'll take a month. Here." Saying it, Lei Yun whipped his hands and gold coins appeared on the table. "Is everything good?" He continued.

"Yes sir." The woman smiled and kept the golds. She handed Lei Yun a key with umber '270'. "It is on the 5th floor sir." She continued.

"Thank you." He said and then towards the stairs. After taking three steps at most, he heard a hurried shout, making him stop.

"Wait!" A beauty came rushing towards him.

Lei Yun looked at her and said with a grin, "Beauty do you to be with this man here?"

"I want your room. I'll pay you double of what you paid." She said anxiously.

"Nah! It took me my life to find a place to stay and yet you want me to give it to you? Goodbye." He did and turned around.

"Can You share it with me. I know that room is big. Please! I really need it now." She pleaded while shaking Lei Yun's hand.

"Okay. But, you will cook for me." He said grinning. How nice it would be to have a beauty cooking for you when you wake up. Hais, this is my life. A beautiful life.

"Okay, okay!" She said and drag Lei Yun upstairs. She took the key from Lei Yun and open the door the hurriedly entered. After closing it, she heaved a huge sigh of relief.

"Now cook." Lei Yun said not bothering her. He whipped his hand and a meat of a beat was on the table with herbs beside it. This took the girl aback.

From the source energy emitted by the meat, it must at least 4th ranked beast, equivalent to a Source Core stage cultivator, much higher than that of Lei Yun. As for the herbs, the least grade is grade 3 herbs with some of the grade 6 herbs. These herb can only be found in the depth of Dark Forest which is the territory of high level beast.

'Just who is this young man to take such precious items casually.' The woman thought. As she was drifting in her thoughts, she heard Lei Yun's word.

"What is your name? Don't lie or I'll call you maid." He warned her. He already scanned her. He was happy with what he found, so much happy.

"Fu Ai, the first Holy Lady of Heaven Flame Sect." She replied honestly.

"Good! An honest one. 'Cause if you lied, I'll call you 'maid' even with the Sect Head beside you. Now, Ai, cook." He said and lied on the sofa in the room.

Fu Ai was shocked for how confident he is that what she said was the truth. Even some ministers of the kingdom had not seen her, much less nobles. How did this young man know of her? Could he be just guessing? Fu Ai tossed the thought, and started cooking.
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    《A God's Journey to the Top》