Ancient Dragon Lord
53 Red Coloured Sui
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Ancient Dragon Lord
Author :Evil_Dragon
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53 Red Coloured Sui

The next item to be displayed was a Red Coloured Suit for men, it was enchanting and pleasing to the eyes while also having faint elemental aura on it. If someone were to examine it, they would be able to see some numerous tiny dots shining thereby producing a bright red colour.

Lin Feng glanced at it and understood that it must be extraordinary, perhaps it would enhance the user's strength or protect him against Qi based attacks. Besides, it's design wasn't anything to scoff at, it seemed to be made by quite a designist, a rich guy could spend quite a money just because of how good it looked.

Mu Qian licked her lips as she saw the greed visible in the eyes of the audience, she knew that this item would definitely fetch some high price, she turned towards the Red Coloured Suit and fixed her eyes on it, "This suit has the ability to enhance Fire Elemental Attack."

This alone was enough for the whole auction to be silent, enhancing the element was quite a big deal, especially if it was the destructive Fire Element. There were not many things capable of such a feat, they lightly whistled as everyone felt that it wouldn't be too bad even if they used their entire wealth to buy this suit.

Yet, the Mirage and Illusion clan members and the Nature palace elders didn't appear to be moved, there was not a trace of excitement on their faces. It was because there was no Fire Elemental User among their clans, they wouldn't be able to use it to it's full potential so it was useless to them.

It's value was the same as that of regular cloth in their clan so they weren't keen on buying it at some high price when they wouldn't be able to obtain some benefits. Instead, they had rather save their money and bid higher on the more precious item that would appear next.

This was what they had in mind yet, Mu Qian's next words changed their thinking completely, "You must be thinking that it would be useless to those who can't use Fire Element. Well, it also has another ability, the ability to take on any Fire Element attack and convert into the purest Qi without any impurities."

Now, this made the Elders from the Nature Sect in a dilemma, they knew that it was quite a useful ability and against the Fire Elemental User, the person would basically become a god. Yet, they also didn't want to waste too much money on a suit when the more precious items were waiting for them ahead.

The same was the case with Mirage Clan, they would think if it was for Wind Element but the Fire Element wasn't of any use. Besides, it's absorption ability was quite restricted as it would only be able to absorb Fire Elemental Attacks and not the Qi, they felt that the next item would be to their liking.

However, people sitting in the audience seats were very excited, so excited that their eyes were twinkling, greed visible in their eyes as they were curious about it's starting price, their eyes were glued to Mu Qian's seductive figure as she twisted her waist and revealed some part of her navel.

Her movements were enough for her to gather the attention of some virgins, they couldn't keep their eyes away from her body as she professionally used it to keep them entertained. For some of the people, even receiving a wink from her was enough to let their thoughts go astray and start thinking of their future.

They were ready to give out all their money just to have a slight conversation with Mu Qian and take her out on a date. She utilized her soft voice and gave out the starting price, "The starting price for this suit is 30,000 Gold Coins."

As soon as she spoke the price, a rich man shouted his bid, "40,000 Gold Coins. I will give 40,000 Gold Coins for this Suit."

"Shut it old man, let us take it. I bid 45,000 Gold Coins." A young man shouted out while he was surrounded by some pretty ladies. Their beauty wasn't one in a million but they were certainly pleasant to the eyes so the people seemed a little jealous as they heard him.

He became conceited as he didn't hear anyone bid as Mu Qian spoke out, "45,000 Gold Coins x 1! 45,000 Gold Coins x 2!"

Her facial expression clearly showed that she wasn't happy with this price, her eyes suddenly narrowed as if she had received some sort of instruction and smiled in a shrewd manner, "I seem to have forgotten about it before but the one who manages to wins this suit can have a date with me."

She winked at the end of her statement and exploded the hearts of some young men, the ones who were saving up money felt as if they just had an orgasm. Dating with a beauty like her was a dream for them, they decided to start using more of their money to bid higher.

"60,000 Gold Coins!"

"70,000 Gold Coins. I will definitely be the one to win the date together with you Miss Mu Qian." A handsome blonde man spoke up endowed with some natural charisma. His charisma was enough to win the hearts of nearby random girls while also earning a praise from Mu Qian.

She definitely liked the way he spoke, it was polite and in a respectable manner yet she could hear the pride he held in himself. It was like, he was a perfect boy. She had a good impression of him and felt that it wouldn't be too bad to have a date with this young guy.

He also seemed rich and if she was intelligent, she could have that money as well and live a life of luxury. As she was calculating, she almost missed a guy bidding even higher, "85,000 Gold Coins." Now, this was by a black haired guy who wasn't staring at Mu Qian but at the suit.

It would have been good if the bidding race stopped there but the blonde guy wasn't ready to give it up yet, he bid once again spoke up a terrifying figure, "120,000 Gold Coins." The whole auction remained silent as they heard that huge amount.

The previous items have been auctioned at an even higher rate but it had to be known that those were people held with great importance by the Auction Hall, this 120,000 Gold Coins was quite a high amount by normal man or business man in this city.

Mu Qian started to count it out and finally spoke out, "120,000 Gold Coins x 3. Congratulations mister, this is yous now." Meanwhile, the blonde guy nodded and slightly bowed before he sat back on his seat once again.
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    《Ancient Dragon Lord》