Eternal Love
31 Amberhill City
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Eternal Love
Author :Kharlos
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31 Amberhill City

Aaron: That ended faster than I anticipated.

Vincent: true. and there I thought their numbers would make up for their lack of skills.

Aaron: So what do we do with the last one over there?

Vincent: The usual.

Aaron: Alright, I will sit this one out too. You can have him. He disappeared from were he was and appeared beside Leo.

Leo: Nice, you are starting to get good at this your skill, wind walk.

Aaron: if you can see it, then it is not strong enough.

Leo: Oh it's strong man but I am just stronger. You are still at the middle stage of the noble knight realm after all.

As Leo said that, everyone around him were in a daze.

What!! how old his he? already at the mid stage of noble knight realm?

Then how powerful is he, Black( Leo)?.

Those were the only thoughts in their minds.

Aaron: Right, and you are at the higher realm.

Leo just smiled and nodded. They both had the same thing on their minds *if only you knew*

Leo and Aaron had said these to make the people around them feel relaxed.


Cain: You! a mere initial stage expert, dares challenge me, at the top of this realm? I will kill you and feed you to dogs.

Vincent: do you have the brains to do that?

Cain charged furiously at Vincent. This time, he wasn't holding back. He was going all out. Cain used a two handed sword and slashed vertically at Vincent. A brown halberd, with blue carvings, materialized on Vincent's hands.

*Ka-ching *clang, sounds of a halberd and a heavy sword clashing resounded in the surrounding.

Vincent jumped back and chanted an attack spell st Cain.

"Earth thrust" he chanted. Spikes came from below where Cain was standing.

Cain evaded the spell. Then in invoked his.

"Flame arrows" he chanted. A seal appeared before his hand and flames shot at Vincent.

"Earth Wall", Vincent parried.

"Fire Storm" Cain chanted again. This time, a huge seal appeared around Vincent and fire enveloped him. Since he was still parrying Cain's first attack, he had little to no time to react to his next attack.

As the flames engulfed Vincent, Cain started a maniacal laugh.

Fools who don't know their place should just die, he said.

Back at the carriages, the coachman, the chief merchant and others that were watching were all shocked.

Won't you help your team mate? the chief merchant asked.

If this goes on, he is going to lose his life, said the coachman.

Leo didn't bother answering them but Aaron took the pleasure in enlightening them a bit.

How do you feel when someone you know you have enough power to defeat challenges you? Aaron asked the worried group.

A lady among them replied, since I am more powerful, I won't put too much effort in killing my opponent, after all, I have more power.

Exactly, Aaron replied.

Ha ha ha. That's what you get for being over confi ....


What's going on? When? How? I definitely killed this bastard.

Looking around, both of Cain's arms were amputated. Vincent Walked up to him and said, "until you are sure of your enemy's death, don't underestimate him for a second and never let your guard down".

I should have been more careful with these bastards. The rumours are true. Damn! this is the worst way to confirm a rumour. Damn those White Rose bastards. Cain thought.

Damn you White Rose, he spoke out.


Vincent gave a clean cut across Cain's neck. As his dismembered head fell to the ground, Vincent placed his head in a bag and stored it in his storage ring.

He then called out to the others, let's head to the city shall we.

The coachman, chief merchant and others were still in shock as to how he had escaped that fire Storm and successfully killed Cain. The chief merchant suddenly came to a realization and spoke out loud,

"So his aim was to make his enemy drop his guard, then perform a sneak attack". That was brilliant. A man must know when to use his strength and when to use his brain.

During the last attack, Vincent had used a technique he developed over the years, "Earth shift". Within his field of attack, Vincent could move in the ground and come out beside his enemy or where ever he chooses. It's like an instant teleportation spell. Since Cain had completely dropped his guard, he was like a sitting duck. If Cain had materialized his amour, Vincent would definitely have had a little to no chance of defeating him but his arrogance led him to his demise.

******Inside the City******

The chief merchant settled the White Rose group. Here is the agreed amount, 1 million gold coins. He handed a purple card to Vincent. And here is a bonus of 500 thousand gold coins, since none of my goods were destroyed or damaged and all my associates are in one piece. He handed a blue card again to Vincent.

Cards were used to store money. Imagine carry a million gold coins on you. Absurd right? Card have limits to amount they can hold.

Yellow cards holds hundreds of gold coins.

Blue cards holds thousands of gold coins.

Purple cards holds millions of gold coins.
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Black cards can hold billions and trillions of gold coins.

Black card holders are usually noble of the highest ranks like Kings, Dukes and sometimes, Marquis.

White cards are commonly used for holding copper coins.

Silver cards are also used for holding silver coins.

White and Silver cards are commonly found with commoners.

As they collected their money, they parted ways. The chief merchant told them his name, Doyle Jones, in case fate had plans for them later on in life.

So, what do you plan to do next Vince? Aaron asked

Let's relax at a nearby inn first, then we can talk.

Haa, I know just the place, Leo spoke up.

Walking a few distance in the city, they came about an inn, Azure Coast Inn.

We are here, Leo said.

They walked inside and sat on a table. Waiting to order, a man rushed inside the inn and screamed for joy,"The CLAW brothers have all been exterminated" he said.

How true is this information? another man asked.

I was at the city hall when a group of merchants, whom I presume are here to settle in our city, explained what happened on their journey, to the Mayor.

The chief merchant said the group that had successfully exterminated the CLAW brothers were called the White Rose. A group of just three adventurers.

wow! people in the inn were amazed. How strong are these people?

If you still have doubts, the mayor sent a guard to confirm what the merchant had said and truthfully when the guard got there, there were signs that a battle had taken place there. Blood here and there and the most significant thing was a white Rose planted there.

The people jumped for joy. With the Claw brothers gone, hopefully, progress in the city would increase.

Aaron signaled for the waitress. As she arrived, they placed their orders and made room reservations. On seeing the trio, the waitress blushed so much and stuttered.

I-I will g-g-gettt riggh-tt to it-t-t.

Aaron: News travel fast in this city.(looking at Leo)How much were you able to loot from those guys?

Leo: 85 million gold coins and some artifacts.

Vincent: 85!!

Aaron: Calm down dude.

People were already looking towards Vincent who suddenly yelled.

Leo: Let's leave this discussion to after we are done eating.

Not waiting long, the waitress brought their food. They ate and went to the room they had reserved. After taking a bath and changing wears, they sat on the big bed in the room and were discussing.

Vincent: I was thinking of us upgrading rank.

Leo: hmmp. At the rate we are moving, from one mission to the next, advancing should not be a problem.

Aaron: Amazing though, in just a year, we got to C-rank and now advancement again.

Vincent: the goal is to be SSS rank with only a 100% success rate.

Aaron: speaking of advancement, how many points do you have now Vince?

Vincent: *taking out his point card to check* I have 40 thousand points. I am still a long way to go from 200 thousand though, the price for the Baron title. That's why I want us to rank up faster so we could get higher paying jobs.

Leo: I have 60 thousand. I can give it to you, not like I need it anyway.

Vincent: really?

Leonardo: *with a stoic face* both my grandfathers are high ranking officers in the Kingdom. My parents are stupidly rich. What do I need points for?

Aaron: I have 52 thousand. I can give you fifty thousand. So you are just short of fifty thousand points.

Vincent right now, had tears in his eyes. He jumped on both Aaron and Leo and cried. I love you guys. You are the best a brother could ask for, he said.

Aaron: yeah. Brothers for life right?

Leo nodded in accordance to what Aaron had said.

Vincent smiled and replied, "Yes, brothers for life".

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    《Eternal Love》