I Reincarnated as a Panda
10 The Chase I
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I Reincarnated as a Panda
Author :HaruWebNovel
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10 The Chase I

As they were about to pick a quest then all of a sudden a group of soldiers clad in heavy armor rushed in and surrounded Claudia and Jarret. the flustered Tia tried to approach the soldiers but when she got closer the soldier pointed their blades at Tia then. the Guild Master charged down to see what was going on.

"What's going on here!!!"

The Guild Master shouted in anger the surrounding adventurers then grabbed the hilt of their weapons as if they were getting ready to attack just waiting for their Guild Masters command. then out the blue, a man also clad in the same heavy armor appeared.

"Hold your horses, everyone we only came here to arrest someone"

"Oh really?... then why is your soldier pointing his sword at my employee"

The Guild Master glared at the man who seems to be the leader of the soldiers and blood lust can be felt as he glared"

The Leader of the soldiers gave a signal for his men to sheath their sword that was pointed at Tia.

"My apologies for my men's behavior. I am Captain Gilbert the leader of the group of soldiers directly under his Majesty's command"

"oh? how do I know you're not lying?"

Gilbert showed a piece of paper with the King's seal which made the Guild Master sigh and gave a signal to the adventurers to settle down.

"Captain Gilbert.. may I know why are you arresting this man?"

" My apologies but that is classified information. so I hope you won't interfere with our job"

"I understand the Guild will not interfere no matter what happens, "

The soldiers then proceeded to arrest their Target and Claudia. which made her even more puzzled on what's going on but as they were trying to arrest Her Jarret interfered.

"Please let her go she has nothing to do with this"

but the soldier ignored him and continued to arrest Claudia. then Gilbert stepped in and gave Jarret a smirk.

"Why should I let her go?? she might be an accomplice so she will also be arrested and investigated"

Claudia tried to resist as she was getting arrested but to no avail, the soldiers were too strong as you would expect from a soldier directly under the command of the king. so she cast several shadow spears in an instant which made the soldiers a bit surprise and got ready to attack and defend. the soldiers that were arresting Claudia backed away and unsheathed their swords.

The Guild Master then saw the opportunity to help Claudia even if it's a little so He shouted as loud as he can to warn the soldiers.

"STOP!!!!.. Fighting is not allowed inside the Guild so if you want to fight do it outside and the Guild will not interfere but if you continue to insist on fighting here then things might get rough"

The shout of the Guild Master made all of the soldiers stop which made Gilbert a little agitated.

"YOU DARE!!?? We are the soldier directly un...."

before He could finish his sentence the Guild Master interrupted him and gave a glare full of blood lust.

"I know that but even the King's soldiers aren't exempted from the rules of the Guild. so if you continue to disrespect our rule the Guild will personally deal with you guys"

Gilbert then glared at the Guild Master and ordered his men to withdraw and only arrest Jarret and quietly left the Guild.

When the group of soldiers finally left Tia ran to Claudia who was still shocked at what just happened to comfort her.

Claudia looked at Tia and the Guild Master while still in shock.

"Wha... what should I do?"

The Guild Master and Tia looked at each other before answering and said.

"Do nothing, as I said the Guild will not interfere but if you still want to help him there is nothing we can do but you will be kicked out. so what's your decision?"

Claudia pondered of what to do for a few minutes, and finally decided on what to do and answered them with


"He helped me in my last quest and saved my life so this time it's my turn to help him"

When the two of them saw Her eyes full of determination the both of them just smiled. Claudia then gave her farewell to the two of them and sprinted outside to look for Jarret. after running for a few minutes, she finally saw Him, she the casted several Shadow Spears and fired it at the group of soldiers and killed a few of them making the soldiers confused.

she then unsheathed her sword and killed another soldier when she finally reached him she set him free.

Jarret who was still confused on what's going on and a little agitated looked at Claudia"

" what are you doing here?"

she then just smiled and him and said

"I came to help idiot"

He then just shook his head as if he doesn't care anymore. Claudia picked up a sword from a dead soldier and gave it to Jarret. and continued to fight the remaining soldiers

the soldiers encircled both of them to close off any possible escape route.

Claudia and Jarret scanned their surrounding and it seems like there were only 20 soldiers left. so the two of them cast their best magic and fired it. but the soldiers this time parried their magic and only manages to injure the soldiers.

Jarret looked at Claudia while smiling and said.

"Run as fast as you can I'll try to buy you time"

But Claudia just smiled back and then continued to charge at the enemy and cast different types of magic.

first, she summoned her shadow minions. then out of the blue 10 shadow minions clad in dark armor appeared behind her as she ran towards the enemy.

then as she was about to clash with the soldiers he minions followed her soon Jarret joined the fight. clashing of the swords can be heard as the fierce battle continued.

One of the enemy soldiers tried to take down Claudia but as you would expect from an assassin she was too was for the soldier who was clad in heavy armor which also made it hard for her to kill her enemies so she used Air Bullets to pierce through the armor.

While Jarret was only to parry the enemy attacks and injure his enemies a little as you would expect the'only using a sword to kill or seriously injure the enemy he would need a mace or a war hammer while Claudia was killing her enemies left and right with her Wind Magic.

and as the battle continued another group of soldiers appeared but this time it was the city guards. so Claudia cast several Wind and shadow magic to reduce the enemies but in the end, they were still encircled by the enemies. looking at Jarret she noticed that Jarret was getting exhausted so as a final attack she summons five tornadoes and grabbed Jarret's hand and ran threw the forest as fast as they could.

but soon after when the tornadoes disappeared the soldiers chased after them but to no avail, Claudia and Jarret were long gone.

As the two of them run as fast they can it was starting to get dark and the both of them were exhausted because of the fight and the none stop running so both of them search for a resting place.

for a moment there was an awkward silence between the two until Claudia spoke up to ask him.

but just looking at him she noticed that he wasn't comfortable talking about it.

"If you don't want to I won't force but...."

but before she could finish her sentence Jarret cut her off.

"no... it's fine, it's only fair for you to know after all you went to the trouble of saving me"

Jarret gave a warm smile and proceeded to tell her the whole story.

based on what she just heard Jarret was a product of an experiment conducted by the kingdom.

they tried all kinds of experiments on him from feeding him experimental medicine to casting forbidden magic on him.

his life inside the castle is what you would describe as hell. they would experiment on him day and night and he wasn't the only test subject they had there were also other but not many of them survive most of them died by either dying from the experiment or by killing themselves unable to endure the trauma and pain they went through.

then one day the kingdom tried to another experiment on him.. they tried to use forbidden magic on him but this time, not just ordinary magic. they tried to seal a high ranking Lightning Spirit inside on him which caused him to almost lose his life because of the overflowing mana inside of him.

but luckily he was able to control the mana and manage to learn a few high ranking lightning magic. but since it was only a borrowed power every time he uses lightning magic it burdens his body a lot that's why he only uses it in a life or death situation like what happened with the Tiger Wolf.

after the experiment, his body was gravely injured so he was sent back to his cell to recover.

after a few days when he was finally feeling better, he used the power he obtained to escape.

and that was when while escaping I somehow manage to stumble upon him.

after hearing his story. Jarret asked her what will she do from now on. he was expecting her to leave him after hearing his story, but unexpectedly once again Claudia gave him a warm smile and said.

"Idiot I'll continue to be your friend of course"

after hearing her answer he then smiled back at her and said his "Thank you"

the next they immediately got ready to get away as far as possible, for clover town so that their pursuers won't be able to catch up to them.

as they continued their march they also killed a few monsters on their way and after 2 more days, they finally got out of the forest and found a nearby village that seems to be named Tahaku Village.

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    《I Reincarnated as a Panda》