Legends of Varlaurea: The Dragon Emperor
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Legends of Varlaurea: The Dragon Emperor
Author :ChickknightG
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Emperor Lam jump off his velelis, eyes lit with ire and tear swelling at his eyes corner, yelled "SUK NIN!", then grasped his brother by the robe collard and unleashing his anger, punching Prince Nin in the face repeatedly, like he'll keep punching until his brother is death, and maybe that will happen if Kwanjobo had not intervened. With the choker in hand Kwanjobo came before Prince Nin and ask where's the old spell book, but Prince Nin remain silent.

"Suk Nin! Why? Why are you betraying me? And Tua, he's your nephew… my son, how can you bewitched him like that?" Emperor Lam spoke his voice raised like yelling.

"huh, I considerate myself is more suited to be emperor than you, we could have won the Hundreds Years War, Varlann territory could be so vast, not just a tiny corner in southern Varlaurea like this, father weakened by old age and gave the throne for you instead of me, his eldest son, but I still wouldn't mind that. Us, two brother could have conquered and split the entire continent in half to rule, but… oh no, oh how disappointed you are. You infatuated with that pointed-ear forest witch and squandered all out plan and preparation for the glory and prosperous of the empire, submitted to compromise. Are you still deserving to be emperor?"

"you…" Emperor Lam growled, agitated and charging again, but Kwanjobo quickly stop him

"lord Suk Nin, I'll ask you again, please considerate carefully, where is the book? Do not force us to use any unpleasant method." Kwajobo firmly said.

"I don't need that book, I already gave it to Hu Xia, he took the book and went on his merry way, two day ago." Prince Suk Nin said.

"who's Hu Xia?" Emperor Lam asked

With a smirk, Prince Nin said "the one who had attempted on your life at Qua Loh.". Anger by his tone, Emperor Lam flung a mighty punch at his brother face, knocked him unconscious.

After retreated the choker of Ochwesi and captured Prince Suk Nin, they leaved 20 Brocade Cloak Guards to keep watch of lord Xu Vu, because Kwanjobo said he also had been enchanted by the choker's magic, they return to the mayor mansion now under control of the Brocade Cloak Guard, the three Orcs quickly perform an ancient ritual to neutralized the effect of the choker on its victims, meanwhile Emperor Lam wrote a letter to send back to the capital. After the ritual is finished, the next day Kwanjobo and his brothers-in-mind bit farewell to Emperor Lam, early in morning, said the ancient book still missing, their quest had yet to finished. Bit farewell to the Orcs, Emperor Lam gave Kwanjobo a ring with his seal on it, said if Kwanjobo and his brothers ever in need of help on their quest, just send the word along with the ring to Fon Chu.

Emperor Lam, resting at Mei Lin for 2 days, and heading back to Fon Chu on the fourth day. On their way back, Crown Prince Tua finally came back to his normal self, the young man cried his eyes out begging his father for forgiveness and punishment. Although, Emperor Lam knew this whole ordeal was not his son fault but attempted assassination of the emperor is a serious offence, his imperial court won't take this lightly, even an emperor cannot stand above the law, his law. After returned to Fon Chu, and after the long, dreaded countless tiresome court sessions, interrogations, discussions, and the worst is debating with his wife. Emperor Lam finally put his seal on the verdict.

The imperial court had rule, Prince Suk Nin will be stripped of his tittle and be publicly executed, his head will be hung to rot over the city gate to deterrence other. Prince Suk Nin wives and children will be stripped all of their imperial privilege and demote to civilian status, all of their possession and belonging will be confiscated and they'll be banishing from the capital, send back to their mother-side family. Lord Xu Vu will be stripped haft of his retirement benefit, land and asset. Crown Prince Tua will be stripped of his title, and have to join the imperial army in other to redeem for his crime via military achievement. And all other the minor offenders will be punishing accordingly base on their level of involvement.

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    《Legends of Varlaurea: The Dragon Emperor》