My Knowledge Of Cultivation Is Completely Shattered
66 The last filler chapter: Life History
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My Knowledge Of Cultivation Is Completely Shattered
Author :TokyoAnime_Seven
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66 The last filler chapter: Life History

A smirk was visible on his face after hearing out Yoshino's advice. He made his heart firm and groped Homia's cheeks with both hands...

Standing on the sidelines Rank 4, Victor Cross was having mixed feelings in his heart. At one moment he was admiring Homia's achievement as a point ranker agent from IGSHF, and it increased further when he found out the point ranker before him was a fifteen-year-old kid. But after he changed back to his original form, he couldn't keep up the same admiration. No matter how he looked, he didn't seem like an IGSHF agent material.

'Ehhhhh…. This chubby, shota, is a point ranker?' While he was pondering about this, a sound came "Ahhhhhh... Lil master hurts, hurts, it hurts. Ahhhhh…..."

Looking at the scenario before her, Yoshino remembered the time when she used to bully Homia and grope his cheeks. After groping and fondling them for some time, Aryan felt satisfied and left his cheeks alone till the next time.

Seeing Homia's body build a question arisen in Aryan's mind, the same question over which Victor was wrecking his brain. He looked at Yoshino and asked through telepathy, "Onee-Sama, Homia San is really an IGS…. whatever agent? Cause his body built says something else to me."

"Fufufu, Lil Aryan, haven't you heard the idiom don't judge a shota from his cover?"

Aryan "...."

"You really haven't heard it!!"

'I can relate it to the idiom don't judge a book from it's cover but replacing the book with shota!! The heck happened to this era's literature?!! That bastard….. He didn't even spare this world literature. Sigh…..' 

"Well, it's the normal reaction that everyone gives after seeing his real form, why don't you asked him to do a demo fight between him and Victor?"

"Ehhh…. Demo fight here? in this fair?? Won't it disrupt the peace of the fest?"

"Fufufu, your gramps have ordered a specially designed portable arena for such an occasion, wanna check it out?"

"Hmm… Okay, but before that let's finish this Victor's story. We have already spent a lot of time here."

"Yes, yes, let's deal with him first. Also, one more thing I am sorry." 

Aryan had a confused expression on his face when he heard her apologies. He couldn't relate nor think of a reason for her sorry. It just came out of blue between their convo.

"Ehhhh….. Why are you apologizing now?" asked Aryan with a confused look on his face. 

"The thing is, I should have wrapped up this case of Victor long ago, but I got engrossed in his story and…..."

"Hehe, no problem. It's not like we lose anything, so you don't have to apologise."

Seeing at the two peoples' faces and their changing expression, Homia had already guessed they are talking over with telepathy. But what, he didn't know, nor wanted to know. Cause after he saw the smile on Yohino's face, his right eye started twitching, giving him the early warning of an eclipse on his peaceful life.

He cleared up his mind from unnecessary thoughts and superstition and asked Victor in an annoyance "Victor Cross, do tell me one thing why did you tell us this long story instead of a short answer? It ate up most of my time. The same goes for Lil Master and Yoshino too, they could have visited other shops and booths but got stocked here with your long story."

This was the same question that both Aryan and Yoshino wanted to ask. Now that Homia has already asked, they were waiting for his answer.

Suddenly tears came out gushing from Victor's eyes. None of them present there didn't have any idea why he started crying suddenly.

"Ehhh….. Victor San why are you crying now?" asked Aryan and handed him a tissue to wipe out his tears. Victor took it, and calmed down after some time.

"So what was the reason of this….?"

"Of this sudden outburst? Yes, I am telling," said Victor and started the last filler of this chapter.

He was already in distress when his wife went into a coma and to add up the frustration no medicine nor any magic item worked on her. He was feeling a little happy when Aryan's Granny offered her a helping hand in exchange for finding her a planet to break through the bottleneck of her cultivation, but because of his carelessness and eagerness to get help, he signed the extra benefits paper with the contract paper.

And ended up as the 4th ranker of IGSHF. Till then, he was enduring everything and with an optimistic mind, but when he got the IGSH-SMD, it reduced his time that he could spend with his daughter.

And that was the thing that keeps on bugging him. What's the use of wealth if he couldn't spend time with his precious daughter?

After hearing to his vexation Yoshino and Homia nodded head and decided upon something. "We will do something about it, we can't let a top ranker worry over such a problem, nom."

"Sob, I will be grateful, if you can do something about it," Victor replied in a quivering voice and wiped down his face with a new tissue.

Homia, Yoshino, and Aryan were leaving when Victor stopped them and asked Aryan about the taste of that black dessert, cause he was really curious about it.

Aryan laughed at him and said, "its taste is indescribable, ask your daughter to make you some."

Victor agreed with a smile and called out for her daughter to make some more of those desserts.

"Hiss, keep your voice down, she is sound asleep," warned Yoshino and pointed towards a sofa in the far corner.

"Ah, she must have depleted all her chakra energy in her special awakening. I will ask her to make some after she woke up."

"Yes, nom. Two to three days and she will restore her depleted chakra energy."

" What!! Two to three days?!! That many days to restore chakra energy," Aryan asked with a puzzled expression on his face.

"Master Aryan, nom, it usually takes two to three days for chakra restoration if you have emptied it down completely from your soul sea."

"Nani!! Since when?!!" 

"Since the very beginning. Why are you surprised over it?" this time Homia asked with a puzzled expression on his face because as far as he knew, Aryan must have suffered two or three chakra drainage after his first awakening and the test with his gramps and granny.

'Why is he still acting as if he doesn't know?'

Both of them looked at each other with a confused expression, and Yoshino was the only one there who knew the story of both sides.

"Cough, let your onee-sama clear your doubts," she intervened.

"Please go on."

"Aryan the thing is after complete chakra depletion it usually takes two to three days to recover the chakra, and till then the person won't wake nor open his/her eyes."



"But, in my case..."

"Yep, your case is different, every time you depleted your chakra you recover it overnight and woke up next morning. It was a surprise to many of us but your gramps ordered us not to tell you about it till the right time."

"I see."

"Nom, the fck, recovered overnight!!" exclaimed Homia. 


"Nom, you and your family never failed to amaze me. Hands up to you and hand up to the Aizawas."

"Ha….ha...ha," laughed Aryan.

'Overnight recovery that's new to me, so should I take this as a cheat or as a booster? Given to me by the great Lord Seven.'

"Never mind, we will see what happens next." 

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    《My Knowledge Of Cultivation Is Completely Shattered》