Perfect couple
10 10. Chapter - 10 Dark secret of the past 2 College life of Samrat .
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Perfect couple
Author :lenkamadhu
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10 10. Chapter - 10 Dark secret of the past 2 College life of Samrat .

So my handsome young man you topped the medical entrance again.

I'm proud of you my son. No one in our family would ever want to be a doctor. U know what business is in our blood. So we could increase the amount of money but we can't increase someone's life span but now u can my boy. I'm proud of you. Vikram Roy was over excited for his sons success.

Samrat - stop it dad, stop praising me. U know very well the motive behind my aim being a doctor. It's for mom. I can do anything for her. Anything.

Vikram Roy - yes I know that very well sam(Samrat).since 12 years she was paralyzed and bedridden. I visited so many doctors, experts but everything was in vain. Nothing could be able to cure her. Every doctor told me that the disease was not physical it was mental. She was hurt deeply or hide something painful within her heart which creates excessive stress over her nerves and it does not supplying proper amount of blood to the brain, so brain functioning is also disturbed and she was physically paralyzed. I don't know what did she hide in her heart. I want to know but she doesn't like to talk to me. But it's OK, at least she talks to you. That's enough for me.

Samrat - Dad I forgot to tell you that mom told me to give kheer (sweet rice pudding) as prasad to the poor for their blessings. Can you please do this for me?? Please dad.

Vikram Roy - of course dear but you have to be there in temple, because the offering of puja is for you na, beta???

Samrat - I know dad but I had promised my friends for giving them a party. So please dad u can handle this time. Next time I will be there for sure.

Vikram (Samrats dad) - OK ok, enjoy your success and have fun.

Samrat - Love you dad, I will. Bye.
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    《Perfect couple》