Rebirth of the Tree Fujoshi
156 Authors note
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Rebirth of the Tree Fujoshi
Author :Sugarrush150
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156 Authors note

Install was the ending. Opinions? (Not too much hate plz)

First off, I was never expecting to get any views, let alone stones, but I most liked the comments I received. It made me especially aware that people were actually reading my novel and getting involved with the story and it's characters. I want to thank everyone that read my novel.

I still can't believe it's been over a year since I first started this novel. I was originally planning to do other arcs in the other countries but I scrapped that idea. Then, I planned to do one last arc in a god realm where the main goal was to get another to cancel the contract, but I scrapped that too.

In the end, I cut it prematurely, mostly because I couldn't think of any new ideas. Anything creative I came up with had to do with ideas for the other novel I'm working on. Instead of continuing my half-assed story, I decided it was better to end it.

When I was writing the chapters with Magi, I hadn't planned on cutting it short. Magi gives her a bunch of things which makes it seem like she'll be going on another adventure to use the things she was given, which makes the ending even more abrupt. I apologize if you disliked how abrupt the ending was.

As I said earlier, I started writing a new novel, Ive already talked about it before. I already have a decent amount of chapters prepared. The beginning chapters have around the same amount of words as this novel (around 500), But after that, the average becomes around 1000 words per chapter. I want to stick with the two per week, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep churning them out that quickly.

I only just started posting recently because I didn't want to juggle two stories, thinking I'd put too much attention on a single one.

Well...that ended up happening in the end anyways.

If you want to read it, it's called "Ranch Island". Idk if there's any pewdiepie subscribers or Dr.Phil fans out there, but it's a reference to him. It doesn't actually have anything to do with the plot tho lol.

Umm...let's see, it's pretty different from this novel. I hope it's better, character development, plot, and writing wise, but I can't really judge it myself...

Anyways, I just wanna thank everyone that for some reason took the time to read my crap writing. It was a fun journey. Stay safe!

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    《Rebirth of the Tree Fujoshi》