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Reborn princess: I will change my ill-fate
Author :minho_Shiny
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119 elder meeting 1

A while ago inside the throne room of royal palace:

Alexander stepped into the huge throne room. The red color of the room is clearly reflecting on his cream and light colored robes.

The first thing one entering the room would notice the huge throne that sat directly in front of the door and the shine, that it emits. The light that comes from the window that is fixed on the ceiling of the majestic room, allows the light to fall on throne directly first. The red gems embedded into it shining brightly and signifying the empire's greatness and grandness.

Alexander laughed wryly. He wondered, how crazy a human can get to step their foot on that throne, to stand above all others. Infact, he knew, he doesn't have the to right claim others as greedy, knowing how hard he fought with all his brother's and father to claim his original place of becoming the next emperor.

He thought, it would be easy once he claimed his position, but that wasn't the case back then. In fact, the after journey of being an emperor isn't also great to him, knowing how bad the conditions back then were. He had to fight, claim his authority and show who is in actual power. Those all court men were doing good, following all his orders now, however, back then everyone wanted to pin him under their foot and tried to make him their puppet nodding to all their orders, with all the wealth, influence and power they got. Alexander again laughed wryly, thinking about past, but that doesn't change anything now. So he immediately let go of his thoughts and entered into serious mood.

Alexander noticed that all of his internal and official court members are here and were discussing among themselves. He walked in his hands clutched behind his back, his sharp dark eyes scanning the people inside the room, trying to figure out what they were discussing about. An empire and the Emperor of it are always prone to danger, while betrayal and dirty schemes are not any new.

So, as his duty he has to keep a close eye on everyone or, at least to his best of abilities to infiltrate the enemies who could possibly in this very court. The Marquess, Samuel Cullen, already proved to be a betrayer and he was taking extra steps to be cautious now, as the crown prince have been announced.

And, a possible threat is also lingering. Alexander is not yet sure, if that's the case then that is going to be a hell ride for him. That chapter was supposed to end there and then. At least he thought it was over there back then. But, fate surely played according to its rules and we are nothing but pawns in it hands of time and fate.

He sighed heavily and fixed his emotions. He can't let anyone know. Although, almost everyone in this courtroom know what happened all those year ago, when he was getting ready to take over Seazle throne and the phase they had to fight. They all vowed nothing like would be brought up and in all costs would be prevented, if anything like that is seen.

When he reached the chairs where all the courtiers were seated, they stood and bowed and muttered their greetings as he continued walking towards the throne. He climbed the elevated platform to reach his throne and eyed the empress throne, that was shining elegantly. He smiled a bit seeing it, but immediately sighed when he started to feel the sadness slipping into his heart.

He is in a meeting. He should keep his emotions in check. He can't go around getting emotional in front everyone. He took a deep breath when he reached the throne and turned around to gesture everyone to take their seats and he sat down, while he placed his foot on the footrest below.

"General Andrew Rutz, is everything prepared for your journey to the West." Alexander asked with an authoritative tone, while glancing at the said person. Andrew stood up from his seat and fixed himself, before bowing and clearing his throat softly and started to speak.

"Your highness, the terms have been set. I will be negotiating with them and shall convey your message clearly to them." Andrew said, while facing the Emperor. All the people seated their watched Andrew, with a neutral expression. They have been discussing the terms that should be set at the Western borders, and not allow the invaders to come in. No one wants a war to break out at this time. More than that, no court men is ok to spend their resources and send their family members to a war, which will only be a loss to them and reduce their resources. So most of them are trying to maintain a peace alliance with the neighbouring country in the terms included.

Alexander just nodded his head and gestured his hand towards Andrew, signalling him to take his seat. He then, turned his gaze towards other Generals who were seated opposite to the Dukes, and fixed his gaze towards them.

"Status at the border?" He asked with the same authoritative tone, guided towards the other Generals.

General Charles, the commander who handles all the security issues of the empire, stood up. He handles all the security issues and guards the borders of empire. 

General Charles smoothed the folds of his light brownish red robes with his status as a General symbol embedded at the chest area. The General is well built and has sharp features, and intense gaze.

The man bowed to the Emperor and softly cleared his throat "No suspicious activity seen so far. We have dispatched a highly trained troop. No movements are detected, everything is silent."

His deep and hoarse voice, echoed through the silent throne room. Everyone were intently listening to the General for the updates from the border.

Lately, this have been a constant headache for all of them and no matter what they did, the activities at the border have been going against them.

Threatening to wipe them off was out of the option. Even if they send a part of their army to the border, they wouldn't know what they were planning with their enemies.

The Emperor has a very big army with many skilled and deadly fighters, but sometimes mind games over power the war skills. And, they know their enemies are not one to mess with.

They have to play their cards wisely. Tracking their enemies movements and plan accordingly. So, the first step towards their plan is negotiation. Of course, they were sure by maximum percentage that this won't go according to what they are expecting.

But, they would be able to get some hints or clues on how they were contacting the enemies or their plans on how they are letting in the invaders. Any small clue can turn the tables and the game would be in their hands.

For this, Andrew is the most capable person. The skill he possesses with this kind of works is admirable and his negotiation skills are very commendable.

"Is this the calm before a storm?" Alexander raised an eyebrow while resting his arm on the armrest of his shining throne. He was thinking what they might be plotting this time.

Throughout the time, they found out about them being in contact with Seazle's enemies, there ware constantly movement. Exchanges, letting in the invaders and meetings among themselves.

Never had there been a silent situation and suddenly they were pretending to be dead. And, this was irking Alexander's gut for some reason. Something big is going to happen.

"Possibly, your highness. All the outlets which we suspected are closed and all the people are laying low. This can indicate a very big move from their side, to take over our empire." The General said, with a frowning face and unfocused eyes.

Alexander's jaw locked and an eyebrow raised in instinct. He was thinking of a possible way to stop them.

"Th-----" Alexander wad about to speak when, a guard came running into the throne room.

A guard busted into the room and came in running. He stopped when he reached the center of the center of the huge throne room. All the important people who were present in the room were staring at the guard. No one was allowed to barge into the throne room when a meeting, a very important and classified discussion was going on. It was considered a treason and would be punished, if valid reasons aren't produced.

General Andrew Rutz is clearly very angry. It was his guard. The armor and the symbol on the sleeve was a pen indication of it. All the generals and dukes have their personal guards and are indicated with a symbol on their sleeves. They all collectively follow the Emperor, with each of the generals and dukes being their commanders.

These personal guards are mostly placed at the Generals and Dukes residences and some under the training in the Palace. They are the high end security for the imperial family.

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    《Reborn princess: I will change my ill-fate》