Sex Master System
6 Blowjob time
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Sex Master System
Author :CrimsonShinigami
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6 Blowjob time

As she swallowed my cum I made her give me another blowjob. "Ahn.. hnm.. Ah.. Ahhh... hmm... ahn... slurp... slurp..." She kept moving her head up and down like a machine. "Ahn... Ah... hmm..." "Girl keep on doing it" I said. she nods her head. "Slurp.... hnm... Ah... Ahhh... slurp" "Girl, I'm gonna cum. make sure you swallow all of it" I said as I filled her mouth with my cum. "Slurp.... slurp" She opened her mouth to show me my cum in a lewd and slutty way. " Now swallow it " I ordered her. she closes her mouth and Swallows all of my cum. "So delicious" She said. I ordered her to bring in the best looking maids and used them as my cum dump. " Now tell me why it seems to me that you as a woman have more power than a male " I asked. She then began explaining "You see Master. In this world every country is ruled by a woman, all kingdoms and empires." She says. "Mhmmm... interesting, tell me more about them." I told her "Master in this world there are humans, elves, demons, monsters, and dragons." She says. "All of the rulers of the respective races are women. The demons are ruled by the succubus queen, elves are ruled by the elven queen, monsters are ruled by the monster queen, humans by the human queen, and dragons as you may have guessed already are ruled by the dragon queen. All of them are extremely beautiful." She explains. As she explains I see some cum dripping between her legs from her pussy. "The Legend says that one day there will be a man who will take the world, it also says that no king can stop him. That's the reason why the rulers are female." She explains while eyeing my dick with her lustful eyes. "Make me get the throne and I will make you my wife" I said. She looks at me surprised and then begins crying happy tears. " Yes, my king. "She says and falls on her knee, while still crying." Good. let's begin the Legend then. " I said as she looks at me in adoration.

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    《Sex Master System》