Survival to Godhood
162 Outline
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Survival to Godhood
Author :killermniko
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162 Outline


I've already begun to write a new book and I doubt I'll ever finish this one. Heres the outline of what I planned for the next year or two of writing.

Volume 4 Shattering Stage

Leo travels through space with Sprite and his crew. Learning of ancient technologies and cultivation techniques lost to time across the Milkyway galaxy.

Volume 5 Avatar Establishment Stage

Returning to earth, Leo bands together with the alliance to fight back against the invaders on Mars. Hiro becomes the 2nd Zeus and breaks into the Construct stage. While Lucy hides in her dark dimension, gaining strength. The resistance losing until an army of Sphinxes joins the war. In the most massive battle, many die, but Leo breaks into the Construct stage mid-battle.

Volume 6 Construct Evolution Stage

Leo and Hiro head to Mars to take the battle to them. They use terrorist tactics at first to weaken their bases. Eventually, they're caught and Lucy arrives to save them. The three and many others fight the enemy and eventually beats them. Lucy disappears again, leaving Leo and Hiro confused. Back on earth, the Deicide reaches maturity, and Leo and Hiro must figure a way to beat it before the planet becomes its feeding ground. Leo and Hiro break through the first severing together.
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Volume 7 Severing Stage

While trying to kill the Deicide Leo, Hiro, and Supay try to stop the beast from getting more powerful. After many attempts, they almost succeed, but Lucy arrives and sacrifices the creature to her pet. Soon the three talk and realize that Lucy not on the same side as them. She warns them to get stronger and she will fight the two of them with Reiner joining her. In the fight Hiro and Leo lose. Lucy chooses this time to Ascend into the God Realm. After the loss, Hiro and Leo take it differently. Hiro goes to complete Zeus' legacy. Leo travels the planet in search of a purpose.

Volume 8 True Immortal Stage

In the God Realm, things are very much different. Adam enslaves new immortals. Gods of Old Earth get to know Leo and Hiro. They're glad Zeus' sacrifice allowed cultivators to prospers on earth once more. The two men end up at the Earth Sect. Which is dwindling to gods not ascending from there anymore. The sects battle for resources every one hundred years.

Volume 9 Celestrial Immortal Stage

Adam gets a new prophecy that his end would come to him by a newly ascended warrior. So a witch hunt breaks out and his clones began killing the new warriors. Hiro and Leo escape Adam's Kingdom into the outer realms. There Hiro and Leo train to become stronger.

Volume 10 True God

Leo and Hiro travel and get stronger.

Volume 11 Elder God

Hiro and Leo end up battling each other because of their different opinions. Leo wants just to survive and Hiro wishes to return. Hiro ends up winning and leaves back to the Kingdom of Adam. Leo joins a group of wandering cultivators. In a battle, they all abandon Leo to fight on his own. The brutal struggle lasted years, and while he does defeat the army of cultivators, he falls uncnocious. When he awakes, he realizes he abandoned his people and returns. Leo joins the rebellion with Hiro. They battle Adam until Leo starts to break into the World God realm. Adam who is threatened attacks. Hiro sacrifices himself to buy Leo time to breakthrough.

Volume 12 World God

WIth Hiro dead, Leo fights Adam, but having just broken through hes not strong enough. Lucy returns and kills her father. Lucy absorbs her father's crystal. Leo now angry Lucy has stolen the realm they battle but he loses. She tells him if she sees him again she will kill him. Leo tracks her down and they have a final battle with Leo killing lucy. In her last momments, Lucy returns to her old self and kisses Leo on the cheek. She tells him she loves him and dies. Leo absorbs Lucy's and Adam's world energies and he breaks through into Emperor God realm.

The End

Leo brings back mana to the Earth's universe. He sends a clone to earth, to spend time with Joe in his last moments. Pedro's daughter, Aarav, and Shadow sit with Leo and Joe as the sun goes down over the buffalo. Joe closes his eyes and rejoins the universe cosmos. The End.

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    《Survival to Godhood》