The Destined World
27 We“re Exposed
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The Destined World
Author :darklord445
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27 We“re Exposed

They went to the burglar's market and sold all the unnecessary items and got a bag full of gold . After a few time of waiting and having their lunch they all bought alfeim ( its a magic powder that can remove magic effinity of any weapon for 9 moons) . They all finally get rid of there attires and removed all the major armors and weapons and changed clothes like a teen . Vandy wore a white top with blue torn pants on it along with long boots and wore a red cotton jacket on it .

Marko was as usual as ever wearing a casual t-shirt and rolled jeans . But for some reason Marko was a little bit nervous as it was the first time that Vandy will see him in his casuals after they become a couple .

On the other hand Vandy seemed calm and composed but from her innerside sge was more embarrased than Marko she thought she looked untidy in these clothes so she just went to check her again and again .

But after a sometime they all went and meet up at the reception . Marko was looking cool and handsome but on the other hand Vandy looked bold and beautiful .

Both of them were very attractive .Both of them can't face each other but when they faced each other they can't see anything they felt that the whole world had stopped and in there eyes they were the only survivors .

But after a few moments passed they both were interrupted by Shreya and Emily . Shreya said "Although you two have come together but its still too early for you to come this close , you had only asked each other a few days ago ." Marko and Vandy got out of the moment and combined said "How are we exposed ? "

Shreya got a smile on her face and said "Hey don't try to hide it we all already knew about it , when you asked her at the cafe we were sitting at the other edge and you both were so loud that we can hear you quiet well .

There faces turned red all of a sudden and they can't face them . Shreya and Emily when saw that they both are embarrassed they cooled the temperature and said "Don't worry its not that big of a problem so do not panic "

They both cooled down and faced each other and smiled . Then they completed the shopping and went to teleport .
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    《The Destined World》