The Devil’s love
249 He is good
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The Devil’s love
Author :Sofia05
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249 He is good

Ning and Yichan's place

After everyone left, Ning prepared a very light dinner for them and called Yitian down when the food was ready. She knew that Yichan was very disturbed and tensed over everything that they had learned today so she decided not to ask him anything related to it for now.

To make the entire situation a bit light and less intense, Ning asked Yitian, "So are you excited for college tomorrow?"

"A little but not too much," Yitian answered.

"Hmm I am sure you are gonna have fun and make new friends, maybe find a girlfriend for yourself," she chuckled.

Scratching his forehead, he awkwardly answered, "I-I don't think so."

"Why not? You are young and handsome, why don't you want a girlfriend?" Pointing towards Yichan, she added, "Learn something from Yichan, he had so many girlfriends when he was young, right honey?"

"Uh huh, had many girlfriends and they were all very pretty. In fact, one of my girlfriends contacted me a few days ago and wanted to catch up again but—"

Cutting him off, Ning scrunched her brows and snapped, "Stop lying, you never had any girlfriend, I am your only girlfriend and wife."

Tapping the tip of her nose, he chuckled, 'When you know it, why did you say that I had many girlfriends?"

"That was just a joke but you took it too far," she frowned before slapping his hand away.

"I was just following your lead honey," he explained.

Helplessly shaking his head, Yitian chuckled, "You look so cute even when you are fighting."

Before Ning could say anything, Yihong arrived along with Helena.

"Oh you all are having dinner?" Without waiting for their reply, Yihong looked at Yitian and informed, "Finish your food and pack your things, we will move out tonight."

Scrunching his brows, Yitian inquired, "Where are we going?"

"We can't trouble your brother for a really long time right? He just let us stay for a short time and—"

Cutting Yihong off, Yichan snapped, "Let Yitian stay here, you can move out along with your wife. He starts college from tomorrow, it will be more convenient for him if he stays here."

Looking at his big brother, Yitian beamed, "Really? You will let me stay?"

"Of course you can stay with us, this house is too big and it's just the two of us," Ning smiled.

Looking at the untouched food on Yitian's plate, Yichan instructed, "Finish your food and go to bed early today, you can't be late tomorrow."

Without saying anything, Yitian obediently nodded his head and quietly ate his food.

Looking at Yitian, Yihiong inquired, "Yitian, you wanna stay here with your brother and sister-in-law and not with us?"

"I think I am more comfortable and okay here, I'll visit you and mom when I have time," Yitian answered before quietly eating his food.

Left with no other choice, Yihong helplessly shook his head and sighed before walking away.


After having dinner, Yitian entered the kitchen to do the dishes while Ning and Yichan cleaned the table.

After making sure that Yitian was nowhere at sight, Ning hugged Yichan from behind and smiled, "I am so glad that I married you."

"Really? You are glad now?" he chuckled before turning towards her. "I am sorry for taking this decision without consulting you."

"You took the right decision, I wanted you to do the same," she answered.

Tucking a strand of hair behind her ears, he sighed, "I just thought it's nice if he stays with us."

Keeping quiet for quite some time, she chuckled, "Look, I know there are things that you are hiding from me but I won't force you to tell me until things go out of hand like today. I am sure that you have a very legit reason not to tell me about it." Placing his hand on his cheek, she smiled, "I trust you Yi, I know that you won't do anything illogical and wrong."

Tightening his grip around his waist, she continued, "I don't know if you decided to keep Yitian here because of some other reason or because you really care for him but I am very glad that you took this decision."

Keeping quiet for some time, he explained, "He is nice, I mean, he isn't as bad as I thought he would be."

Squeezing his cheeks, she chuckled, "My baby is so cute."


Misou island.

Helplessly shaking his head, grandpa Bai chuckled, "Alright now calm down first and tell me what exactly happened."

"That guy is giving a headache and—"

Cutting Elizabeth off, he raised his brows, "Didn't I already tell you that he is very good?'

"Yes you did but—"

"Now now Elizabeth, I know what is bugging you and why you are having so many problems with Jason." Pausing for a while, he sighed, "So what if he is a little more skilled than you? You are just looking at the cons but you what about the pros? Imagine how many new things you can learn from him? You can ask him to teach you his ways and—"

Scrunching her brows, she snapped, "I don't need anyone to teach me anything grandpa, I can learn it on my own."

Knocking her forehead, he exclaimed, "Why are you being so egoistic for? Did I not tell you how handsome that nerd is?"

"W-Why should I care even if he is handsome?" she retorted.

Shrugging his shoulders, grandpa Bai answered, "Well, he is young and you are young too, he loves computers and you love it too. Don't you think it's a perfect match?"

"Will you stop pairing me with the person I hate the most right now?" she frowned.

"Well, I think you are gonna love Jason when you meet him." Without waiting for her reply, he added, "You should get ready because I have a feeling that you will meet him soon. You both need to work together in the future after all so point hating on your partner honey."


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    《The Devil’s love》