The Exceed System
25 The Little Girl
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The Exceed System
Author :Vanadhi_Lucia
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25 The Little Girl

After resting for a while, they continue their journey to the depth of the forest and slaughter all the beasts that comes along the way.

The Blade Tusk Boars are very easy to fight as those simpletons truly have a pig brain. They only know how to charge ahead in a simple, straight line, allowing everyone to evade them without even sweating a single drop. With their cultivation, both Avadhi and Mei only need a single strike to finishes them off.

Burglar Dogs are slightly better. They are stronger and have more intelligent as they coordinating in packs to try to ambushes their preys. But unfortunately, there is no way they can ambushes Avadhi and co. when they can certainly sense their presence even though they try their best to hide. And although they are faster and have more offensive power than Blade Tusk Boars, their bodies are not packed with as much thick muscle armor as the boars, making them a bit more fragile and thus can be killed in a single punch (or kick, whatever Avadhi uses to fight with….).

Horned Rabbits are quite tricky. They often burrows and hide underground to ambushes their victims from below (AN: Beware of your ass, everyone!) Those critters also have quick movements and combined with their small build, they are quite hard to hit. But once they are hit, death is the only outcome they will have. At first, Avadhi need to utilize Dive Mirage to sunk those rabbits in his soul waves fluctuation and thus pressuring them and slowing their movements while he and Mei can freely moves to kill them. But as the times went by and they accumulates their experience, now they can easily kill them as easy as strolling in the park on a serene afternoon.

The last species, Long Armed White Apes, are the hardest and trickiest to deal with. They have sturdy builds like the Blade Tusk Boars, can coordinate in their pack and ambush their victims from the abundant trees and bushes in this thick forest, and they are also quick and nimble like the Horned Rabbits. With all the good qualities combined, it's no wonder those monkeys are very arrogant and running rampant in this entire forest. At first, even Kiseki or Chikane sometime must go down to help their Master by releasing their pressuring auras to those monkeys if their number is too overwhelming to be handled by Avadhi and Mei alone.

But all their hard work and persistence gives their reward. By the time the sun is looming in the west horizon and the sky is dyed red, they have completed three of their quests, namely [Hunts 100 Blade Tusk Boars], [Hunts 100 Burglar Dogs] and [Hunts 100 Long Armed White Apes]. As for the Horned Rabbits, they only have found eighty one of them so far. And for the four beast kings of the mountain forest, they are for tomorrow.

As Avadhi's party take a walk home, they opened up the menu and divide their works with processing their loots to further increases their gain when they are converted to resource points. And the resource points they gained are used to level up Avadhi and Mei even more.

Now, Avadhi has reached One Star Initiate Realm Peak Stage on all his three path of cultivation and Mei reached Two Star Ascended Realm Lower Stage in both body and soul cultivation state.

Seeing how she is able to promotes four cultivation stages in just one day, not to mention unlocks a special body type this morning, Mei feels very elated. She can't stop admiring her Master and Mistress more and more to the point of worshipping him like a God.

When they have descended from the mountain and are about to get out of the forest, Avadhi and co. sees a little girl running in the outskirt, chased by a pair of adult, one man and one woman. The little girl also see them, and she looks so desperate as she run with all her power to them while pleading for their help.

"Oh, Great Masters! Please lend your mighty hands to help this little one. I will do anything! Anything! Please help me!"


Avadhi whistled as he sees that girl running to him and immediately kowtow to him to plead for help. It's not long before the man and woman chasing her is catching up and seeing a group of cultivators in front of them, they also trembles and immediately bows and kneels to him, before speaking to him in a trembling voice.

"Oh, Great Immortal…. Please have mercy…. This is an affair of mortal…. Your Majesty is too lofty to dirty Your Eminence's hands in it…"

Chikane make a smirk to them and asked them with a commanding tone, one filled with her Draconic Majesty.

"Speak the truth! What are thou mortals seeks in a little girl that is not even in a marriageable age to the point of chasing her this far?"

The man and woman trembled even more and can't find any words that can explain them when the loli is crying and pointed her finger to the two adult who have chased her.

"They want to sell me to a brothel!"

"Ooohoooo~ You two adults sure have guts. Instead of giving examples and educate the younger generations, you want to sell an underage girl to become a depraved woman? You don't fear heaven's punishment?"

Kiseki who have The Eyes of Truth that can see through lies and deceits has confirmed that the little girl is not lying and now are asking the two adults in a sinister tone.
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    《The Exceed System》