5 The Worlds of Ughl
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Author :jachdd
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5 The Worlds of Ughl

Soon after Num became the disciple of Hunp he immediately pointed at Hunp's "glove form" before saying "Wait... a minute" he paused then saying "Did you transfer me to another observable universe?",Observable universes are universes that are a set of planets, solar systems and etc. but it is completely absurd to reach other observable universes because of a substance called dark matter;dark matter is a substance that will infinitely grow making it impossible to reach other universes, soon after Hunp replied "Well of course... let me tell my existence in the beginning I as a being divided to 13 I am the 10th being of Chaos and Harmony that symbolizes power;and you are my host and disciple", "Wait... so you are saying that you were originally one being but was divided to 13 beings, and I am your.. uh" He didn't listen properly

"Host" Hunp helped

"Right.. right, host meaning you are dependent on me.. as your host of course and I'm dependent on you as my mentor correct, so our relationship is mutual like a bee and a flower"

"Correct as always Matthias" Hunp praised "Jeez this kid sure is a fast learner" he pondered

As the two looked at each other with awkwardness with no things to talk about, Num started to whistle and Hunp started to fidget his fingers, Hunp decided to break the atmosphere "So how was y-" as they were saved by the sound of the door opening Hunp was more attentive than Num and quickly disabled the sound barrier then equip himself to Num while Num was still standing in panic,

"Hey! Num your supposed to be resting not... whatever it is your doing" Warin who was worried stated

"Uhh.. right yeah right I was going to bed soon but... I thought I should- uh exercise first" he did some jogging in place then tidied his bed and laid down on it "Thanks for checking up on me though" and pretended to close his eyes

"Jeez klyta sure is affecting you, but it is great to exercise before going to bed though, Hey! why not spar with me tomorrow I could use one for the upcoming tournament next week!" Warin said

then she left and closed the door behind her

Num opened his eyes to check if Warin was still there once he made sure Num whispered "It's okay now" to Hunp

Hunp then floated away from Num's hand and on to thin air he said "Did you hear what she said?"

Hunp questioned "Yeah! she said I'll be sparring with her tomorrow, and I don't know about you but I can see her masculine figure and I knoowwww that I will be beaten "
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