WarCraft Online
9 A Request from Carl...
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WarCraft Online
Author :Gusnarc
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9 A Request from Carl...

Taylor Stables, Province of Tyberia,

"Welcome to Taylor Stables, How can I help you" said the NPC

"We three would like to buy horses for travelling. Can you show us horses so we can choose 3 of them" asked Yuku

"Yes sir, Please follow me" said the NPC

Three of them followed the NPC and reached into the stable. There were many horses of different breeds and colour.

"Here we have total six breeds of horses. There you see in the left are the Mustang, here in the right are the Morgan, near the fountain are the Fjord, near the bushes are the Azteca, near the Hay are the Noriker, Straight ahead of me are the Shire Horse and at my back are the Appaloosa."

"We would like to buy three Mustang horses." said Uriha

"Well chosen, Mustang horses have a high endurance and agility to make them a good travelling horse."

"I would like to buy this one." said Hector slowly caressing his fingers over a white Mustang

" I would like to have that one." said Yuku pointing towards a black Mustang

" I would take this one then." said Uriha pointing towards a Brown Mustang

" That will cost 500 Copper Credits." said the NPC

"Yes, I will pay for all three of us." said Uriha and took out 500 copper Credits from his pouch and hand it over to the NPC

"Thank you sir, I hope to see you again."

"We cannot ride the horse in the city or we will be caught by the city guards" warned Yuku

" I think we should first go to the quest hall to receive a quest and then we will move out of the city." suggested Uriha

" Yeah, I like the idea" agreed Yuku.

"The quest hall is just south-west of here" he added

"We have to move faster, or we won't be able to reach midori town on time." warned Hector

"Don't worry, once we are out of the city we will be as fast as wind" assured Yuku

Hector, Yuku and Uriha started walking towards the south-west direction and soon they reached the market plaza which spread like a maze throughout the South-west district.

"I think we should buy the necessary items we need for hunting like equipments and potions" suggested Hector

"Hmm, I know a shop called 'THE FIELDSAW', It has the best items in all the Tyberia. Infact, we will get the items at a cheaper rate as a friend of mine is the owner. " said Uriha

"How is it possible that a player own a shop in just three hours of launch of the game?" asked Hector

"Actually, he converted his real money into Gold credits and brought the most famous Item shop in Tyberia. He spend 20,000 Gold Credits to just buy the shop from the NPC" explained Uriha

"I see, that guy is pretty much rich" said Hector

"In real world he is my best friend, so he can provide us with best items he got and will charge us with lesser amount of credits" said Uriha

"Uriha, Is there any possibility he can lend us the money to build a guild If we explain the whole situation to him" asked Hector

"He will agree to lend you the money but..."

"But, what?" asked Hector

" He is a bit weird, he will ask you to do something in return of lending you the money and you see if he liked you then your stars may turn and he can be of great help" Explained Uriha

"Ok, then lead us to the shop, Uriha" said Yuku

The three of them went further into the maze and stopped near a big two-storey building. Hector take a look at the sign board which read 'FIELDSAW: Sells best Items in all Tyberia'. The three then went inside the shop.

Inside the FIELDSAW, Market Plaza, Province of Tyberia,

"Welcome to..." Paused the guy at the counter and came out of the counter and hugged Uriha

"How come, Brother Uriha?" cried the guy

"We are here for a favour , Brother Carl" said Uriha

"Anything for you, just say it" assured Carl

"First of all, Meet Hector he is another friend of mine" said Uriha

"Oh, Hello friend." greeted Carl

"Hey brother, how are you?" Hector greeted back.

"I like the attitude of this guy. He must be the one who can help me" thought Carl

"We have a serious situation to handle, do you have time?" asked Uriha

"Ya, I always have time for my friends" replied Carl

All four of them went to the first floor and sat on the couch.

"Now, tell me what the situation is" demanded Carl

On hearing this Hector stood up immediately and told carl how two of his friends were trapped and how no one can leave this game until someone, probably a guild unites all the empires into a single one. He also told that
if any player dies in WCO then he will die in the reality.

All this time Carl was just analysing the things which Hector told him. Suddenly, he stood up from his seat.

"How can I help?" he asked

" You have to lend us 10,000 Copper Credits" replied Hector

"I am ready to give you the amount you have requested but you have to help me too" announced Carl

"How can I help you" asked Hector

"In Midori Forest, there is a cave where the 'BLACK WYRM' lives you just have to bring a BLACK WYRM shard."

"Ok I accept the deal" said Hector

"Actually, The BW shard is used for making Epic Rarity Swords and Blades and I need it urgently. If you can bring me four BLACK WYRM shards I can provide you with a powerful weapon each.

"Ok I will bring you the BLACK WYRM SHARDS. said Hector

"I trust you brother. So, I will give you 10,000 COPPER CREDITS right now!" said Carl and added Hector as his friend and gave him 10,000 Copper Credits.

"I am also providing you three with the best rare sword and blades. So, you can beat BLACK WYRM" announced Carl and opened a chest that lay beside a table

First, he gave Hector a sword. A panel appeared before Hector saying

'Received Knight Gleam'

Then, he gave Yuku a blade. A panel appeared before Yuku saying

'Received Dark Furnace'

At last, he gave Uriha a BattleAxe. A panel appeared before Uriha saying

'Received Xerxes Tame'

"Thanks for your help, I will try my best to bring the shards to you." said Hector

"Before taking on the Black Wyrm you must level up a bit as it will be a hard and long fight but you can do it the other way for that you have to sneak in the cave of black Wyrm when he is not there and just find the shards and get out as quickly as you can." explained Carl

"Thanks for the information. I know I can do it."

"Here take these crystals." said Carl and gave Hector four types of crystals.

What is the use of these?" enquired Hector

"There are total seven types of crystals in WarCraft Online all for different purposes:

Red Crystal

Blue Crystal

Green Crystal

Yellow Crystal

Black Crystal

White Crystal

Purple Crystal

Red crystal is called THE TELEPORT Crystal. It can be use to teleport a player from one place to another instantly.

Blue crystal is called THE HP Crystal. It increases the HP of a player by 700 points

Green Crystal is called THE AGILITY Crystal which increases the speed of a player for 15 minutes.

Yellow Crystal is call THE STRENGTH crystal. It increases the strength of a player for 15 minutes

Black Crystal is called THE EXP OR LEVEL UP Crystal. It is the rarest of all crystals. It increases the level of a player by 10.

White Crystal is called THE DEF crystal. It increases the Defence of a player for 15 minutes

Purple Crystal is called THE ATTACK Crystal. It increases the attack of a player for 15 minutes.

"Wait, I have something for you, Hector that might be of great help"

said Carl and went to the cupboard and brought a box and gave it to Hector.

Hector opened it and found a Black Crystal.

"Why did you gave it to me?" asked a shocked Hector

"I thought it might help. Use it now" ordered Carl.

Hector took out the crystal and cried

"LEVEL UP" and his level increased from 1 to 11. His attributes also increased and he felt stronger

"Now, first go to the GUILD REGISTRATION OFFICE and Register your guild" said Carl

"Thank you so much for everything you did" said Hector

"Don't forget to take me too" said Carl

"Yes I will not forget" assured Hector

Hector, Yuku and Uriha left the shop and went to the Guild Registration Office which was near the Quest Hall...
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