ultimate technology system
38 Nightowl vs Alonso
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ultimate technology system
Author :bossman002
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38 Nightowl vs Alonso

30 mins before Abigails and Rahabs final clash

Over at the visitor district Abigail and Rahab are clashing together exchanging blows in the air bang bang bang their clash reverberates through out the entire slave city.

Suddenly there is a snow storm Abigail and Rahab sees this and are both shocked as they could feel Alonso's mana they both understood that the cause of the snow storm is Alonso.

But Rahab is even more surpised by this he looks at Abigail and says "it seem you have a capable companion but no matter how strong he is he is not going to defeat nightowl".

Abigail says "ha ha are you worried if you ask me Nightowl days are numbered why don't you worry about our fight".

As Abigail says this she put both of her hands together and points it towards Rahab and and shouts ABSOLUTE BURNER a massive green pillar of fire shoots out of Abigail's hands traveling towards Rahab.

Rahab raises his left hand towards the pillar of flames and and shouts "black hole" and a miniture black hole emerges out of thin air suckling up the flames completely then the black hole disappears.

Rahab says "fool you do not know the history of Nightowl and because of this your companion is going to die a gruesome death".

The members district is currently going through a heavy snow storm blurring the visiton of Nightowl but because of Alonso cybernetic eyes he can see very clearly.

Alonso in the air fly towards Nightowl channels ice into his left hand, Alonso's left hand starts to glow he shouts "extreme frost" he suddenly realises the ice mana in his left hand and the mana travels through the air and hits Nightowl.

Suddenly the ice mana transforms into Gigantic thick spikes of ice it looked like a five pointed star with very sharp ice sickles it was about the size of a double decker bus.

But the phantasams that where all revolving around Nightowl protected him from been frozen.

Suddenly the phamtasms start to eat the ice as they where eating the ice they seem to be growing bigger and longer and when they were done eating the ice some of them flew into Nightowl's body making Nightowl become even stronger

"It seems that does phantasms has the power to devour magic aswell they are different from the one Nightowl summoned before or did does ones also have the ability to do so" Alonso thinks to himself.

With great speeds Nightowl dashed towards Alonso while holding phantasms in each Hand.

Nightowl kicked Alonso in the face and followed up with a meriyard of puches before finally grabbing Alonso's tailing swinging him around and smashing Alonso to the ground.

Alonso smashes into the ground he coughs a large amount of blood from his mouth and he his also greatly weakned because Nightowl used the phantasms to attack him his soul was also devoured and he has lost about 70% of his physical strength.

Alonso stands up with difficulty he is bleeding from his forehead and mouth he knew if this keeps going he is done for so he closes his eyes and stretches out his right hand and opens his palm.

Alonso whispers "AQUATIC FREEZE"! suddenly all the snow in slave city the snow falling aswell as the snow on the ground start to rush towards Alonso's right hand into his palm.

It seems all the snow is been absorbed by him.

Nightowl is confused he says "what are you doing how is your body able to take in so much cold and you are still alive dammit why do you prest to fight when you know your death is inevitable".

Nightowl could sense danger coming he knew Alonso was already weakened and that just one more attack and he has won the fight so Nightowl released more phantasm from his body and combined all the phantasms, there where about 9500 of them.

The phantasms combined into one turning to a giant phantasm and Nightowl sent the giant phantasm flying towards Alonso.

Alonso sees the incoming attack he has already finished absorbing all the snow Alonso then points his right hand towards the giant phantasm and Nightowl Alonso shouts "minus 1000"suddenly a massive ice beam shoots out of Alonso's right hand the beam travels and hits the giant phantasm goes through the phantasm and before Nightowl could even have anytime to comprehend what just happded he is hit with the ice beam.

Nightowl is frozen instantly his death is also instant he was frozen to the core all his cells, bone even even his mana was frozen. The second nightowl died all of Alonso's soul that Nightowl devoured returned to Alonso giving him his strength back.

Nightowl falls from the sky he is was just like an ice scluture falling from the stars. bang Nightowl's frozen crops lands next to Alonso

Nightowl is frozen so solidly that he did not even break apart.

suddenly Alonso got a message from his system

ping !!

dragon heart discovered ping

Alonso was surpised he did not think that he would be able to get a dragon heart so soon.

he looked at Nightowl's frozen corpse and he spots a ring on Nightowl's finger it seems this is the only thing that was not frozen by Alonso's attack.

Alonso bends overs and takes the ring from nightowls cold frozen corpse he immediately knew this was a space ring he channel his mana into the ring.

As Alonso channeled his mana into the ring he could feel the contents of the space ring there was a dragon heart as well as 10 and a half million gold coins this was all of Nightowl a riches.

Alonso smiles and says "it seems my luck has not run out yet".

Alonso puts on the ring he also remembered that Nightowl had bounty of half a million gold coins he formed an ice sword with his left hand cuts Nightowl's head clean off Alonso then puts Nightowls served head into the space ring.
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After taking in the spoils of the battle Alonso looks at the cloud and says to himself "looks like this snowstorm will never stop I wonder if this silly place is a good place to set up camp".

"it looks like Abigail is still fighting, that guy seems stronger than Nightowl I better go help her out".

But as Alonso was about to take a step to help out Abigail in her battle with Rahab his entire body started to ache it felt like millions of tiny needles where stabbing him.

Alonso fell to the ground unable to move an inch it seems the back lash of absorbing the snow into his body and turning it into mana has taking a toll on Alonso's body.

Even with his cybernetic implants his body still could not handle so much mana Alonso had no choice but to lay there on the floor and wait for the manobots in his body to fully heal him.

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